Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website. We value our customers’ privacy and put a lot of effort into protecting it. This document describes our Privacy Policy and explains why we collect your personal data and how we use it, along with other details associated with privacy.

You can learn how we use cookies and other similar technologies in our Cookie Policy. If you don’t agree to any of the provisions described in this Privacy Policy, you should immediately stop using this website. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, feel free to contact our customer support at any time.

Why We Collect and Process Your Personal Data

We take the privacy of our users and their personal information very seriously and ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. We use our users’ data to provide them with the purchased services, to make sure that our content is properly displayed on devices, to communicate with our users, manage payments and refunds, and handle queries and comments.

We also use our customers’ data to contact them for marketing purposes, and to conduct various domestic operations, including survey purposes, investigation, and statistical use. We may also use your data to make recommendations related to our services.

We only use our customers’ data in accordance with all the relevant laws and regulations. We operate on a legal basis that depends on the purposes of processing your data. For instance, we may operate based on your consent, which is required for certain types of operations, or in the case we’re required to handle your data to fulfill your contract with our company, as well as if we need to do so to enter the contract, according to your request.

We may use our customers’ data to protect our company or to protect our customers from any fraudulent actions according to our fraud protection policy. We may also use your personal data to protect your account or to ensure the quality of our customer support service. Besides, your data can be used in order for us to comply with the necessary legal obligations.

Your Rights

According to GDPR, you are a data subject so you possess the rights to the personal data that you provide us with. Before we take further action to use your data, we may ask you to verify your identity.

You have the right to access your personal data and obtain the data about you that we processed. If you request copies of your personal data, you might need to pay a small fee. You also have the right to ask us to correct your personal data if it is incorrect, incomplete, or wrong.

You also have the right to the erasure of your personal data. You can ask us to erase your personal data if you withdraw your consent for data processing, or if you object to the processing of your data.

You can also request the erasure of your data if you object to the processing of data intended for marketing purposes or if your data is processed in an unlawful way. Besides, you can use your right for data removal in the case of processing the personal data of children. You can object to the processing of your data and restrict it for specific purposes.


Our services and our website are not intended to be used by children below the age of sixteen (16). Children below the age of 16 do not have the right to share any personal data with us. We do not deliberately gather any personal data from children below 16.

If you are below the age of 16, you should immediately stop using our website and you should not leave any information on it, including your name, address, user name, and email address. You also should not purchase any services on this website.

If we find out that this website is used by a child below 16, we will delete any personal data provided by this user. If you think that we have any data about a child below 16 on this website, please contact our support team.

Final Provision

To prevent any unauthorized use of your personal data, we developed administrative, technical, and physical procedures. We also update our security software and technologies regularly and train our employees so that they can maintain the security of our customers’ data. We also take the necessary disciplinary measures to enforce our employees’ privacy responsibilities.

You can leave your comments, ask any questions, or send any requests regarding our Privacy Policy by contacting our customer support.