6 Writing Essay Clichés Your Professor Will Not Like to See

19 Apr 22

Imagine being a professor who decides to give their students a compelling assignment and gets a load of copied papers. Of course, that does not mean that students cheat and re-write one good paper. They might work alone and still repeat the same things, like writing essay cliches. Unfortunately, this is not the case where great minds think alike. Vice versa, students use identical concepts because some ideas are too ingrained in our minds.

You can diversify your essay with many things. At least, you can avoid components that too many people use. This will help you to stand out and get your essay marked up! Thus, here are essay clichés you can turn into something original without great effort but with a great result.

1. Opening Your Essay with a Question

Despite it mimicking a real conversation, questions in the very beginning are too common. Instead of starting with an inquiry, try stating your introduction starkly. It will demonstrate how you know what you are writing about, too. Also, you might stop the eye of your reader by implementing a real fact instead of asking vague questions.

Let’s compare two quick examples:

  1. Have you noticed that women play computer games a lot too nowadays? This tendency shows that gaming is not a man’s field only anymore. Still, many male players are not particularly happy about this turn.
  2. Statistics show that approximately 50% of gamers are female. This indicator testifies to the popularization of the gaming industry in women’s discourse. However, the experience of many female players shows that a significant part of the male players has a negative attitude towards this.

Stating something factual demonstrates that you have already conducted research. By the way, do not lean on the mentioned statistics: it is close to reality, but not precise.

2. Generalizations multiplied by maximalism

Let’s talk about another kind of writing essay cliches. Generalizations are not only a cliché; they are also a thing that distorts a reader’s vision. So, try avoiding words like:

Even when your object of elucidation has a strong tendency, its functioning can’t be immutable. Furthermore, those words don’t work with living beings. For instance, dogs are usually friendly to people. Still, some dogs hate humans and bark their hearts out seeing one.

Even if you want to add a result of a public survey and 99% of respondents say one thing, don’t say all of them did. Moreover, always be critical and add that this particular test shows this result, yet the selection might have affected it.

Instead of using words from the list above, replace them with the following ones:

By the way, saying things of this kind requires providing a source. For example, add statistics or a result of scientific studies. Avoid saying something intuitively, even if it looks like objective reality.

3. Unilateral Support

In an essay where you have to defend a concept, non-harmonious support will show your lack of research. Moreover, doing everything to defend this idea is what a lot of students will think of. Instead of neglecting negative aspects, research them too and add your comments. Such balance will make your essay profound and somewhat unusual because many students forget about this thing.

4. Defining Your Object Immediately

Opening an essay with a dry definition might be good in terms of content, yet bad in terms of interestingness. Moreover, a definition you pick is nothing more than an interpretation that depends on the peculiarities of a study. So, you have to explain why this definition comes first.

Instead of implementing a definition right away, try stating that a term has multiple interpretations. Also, write that the concept has evolved and continues overgrowing with new semantics. Then you can quote some researchers.

5. Stable Common Expressions

Some phrases people say all the time, so the combination of words means one thing as a whole. For instance, you can say that there are plenty of fish in the sea. It is understandable, it delivers your idea, it is appropriate. Yet, altering this or that phrase following your content is more specific and informative.

6. In Conclusion Phrase

Your professor knows that the last paragraph of your essay is the conclusion. You have zero need to mark it out with this overused combination. Try diversifying your essay by writing something like:

How to Avoid Writing Essay Cliches Before You Start Writing

Making mistakes and using essay clichés is alright. If you don’t let it happen once, you won’t learn how to avoid it. So, if you see that this list has points that you implement too often, don’t think your essay writing is too bad.

After years of practice in essay writing, you will develop your style. Thus, there will be no place for clichés. But for starters, try avoiding at least some of them and strive for more!

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