How to Make Essay Proofreading Easy and Efficient

31 Mar 22

When you have finished the essay writing task, don’t be in haste to submit it. As an essay writer, you might think that your paper is a masterpiece that needs zero alterations. Nonetheless, it is still worth apply for essay proofreading service. Moreover, who knows how many small flaws your brain skipped thinking that everything is good as it is?

Essay Proofreading VS Text Editing: Key Distinctions

Students often mix up those concepts. That is understandable because of their likeness. Yet, there is a significant difference. You can proofread an essay without editing it, yet you can’t edit an essay without proofreading.
So, proofreading is the basis of editing. The essay proofreading process consists of:

Thus, proofreading focuses on dealing with typographical issues. Editing in its turn brings in serious alterations in the text. For instance, it deals with sources accuracy, consistency of the materials, and so on.

Given everything we’ve mentioned, proofreading appears as the final stage of essay writing. Skipping it might not deal any damage if you have written an essay perfectly automatically. Yet, neglecting it has all chances to lead you to worse marks than you could have gotten.

Techniques for Trouble-Free and Effective Essay Proofreading

The proofreading process is your last chance to correct everything before submitting any paper. Thus, it’s better to use several techniques combined. Well, sometimes only one will suffice too. Also, the proofreading method can be dependable. Still, there is always a versatile way to make your essay perfect after proofreading!

Re-read Every Paragraph with Breaks

During proofreading essay, don’t waste your energy on attempting to devour the whole text in one go. When you do it like that, your consciousness will skip some parts even if you don’t rush. Instead of swallowing your essay, give yourself breaks between paragraphs. That break shouldn’t last longer than 1 minute though, because you don’t want to distract.

Try Reading out Loud

There is zero need to be shy of what you have written. Reading out loud might seem silly but there is nothing to get shamed for. So, re-read your text with a slow pace and emotional expression.

This way, you will notice all punctuational elements and, thereafter, mistakes. Also, proofreading out loud will help you detect repetitive words which are better to get replaced with synonyms. With that, you will spot where your tone has changed drastically.

Of course, you will see (well, hear) that some of your sentences are too vast which makes you lose the point. If you have read an enormous word construction and it confuses you, try breaking the sentence into two or more.

Change the Design of Your Draft

Proofreading means re-reading, and re-reading for the 100th time will make you hate this essay. Again, your brain will get tired of the same text, so it will make you jump over some errors. You can deceive your consciousness by changing the looks of your essay.

Thus, change the color of your text. Even the slightest alternative will do the trick. For instance, make the text in a dark-blue or green shade instead of the standard black. Don’t use red though, this color is too aggressive.

Also, you can pick a font you like. Yet, make sure that it doesn’t have too many serifs. If the details are minimal, it’s good. Super detailed fonts or fonts that mimic handwriting will make re-reading only harder. Moreover, your eyes will get tired too.
Your brain will think this is a principally new material for studying. So, your attentiveness will get a buff. Sure thing, you will have to format it back later but it takes a minute or less!

Use Automatic Essay Proofreading Programs Online

The era of information has gifted us great things. The Internet has a ton of options solely for essay proofreading. Some programs and apps can help you:

Of course, some apps will require payment. Yet, there are perfect options that won’t charge you a cent. When you try finding one, you are most likely to stumble upon Grammarly. Another option is a HemingwayApp.

Those programs require zero payment. Unlocking special functions might be superfluous for mere essay writing. So, using the free versions will suffice.

Print Your Paper

Re-reading from a screen damages your eyes a bit when you use a computer too often. Sure, the vision will restore after rest and the consequences won’t be dire. Still, sometimes it’s good to print a copy and use it instead.

Furthermore, our brain reacts to digital and printed materials differently. Again, your attentiveness will get a boost. Still, this might be inconvenient if you don’t have a printer at home.

Before You Start Proofreading Essay

You can combine the listed methods as you wish. Don’t worry, proofreading won’t take too long. Yet, it will help you get marked-up essay feedback!

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